The winner is...

Miss Phillipines!

Second runner up is...

The second runner up is Venezuela

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters walks for the last time as Miss Universe

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters ends her year as Miss Universe with her final walk in Bangkok.

The final look up next.

The judges get their final look at the top three contestants.

The final word

The final word is coming up. Contestants all answer the same question each wearing soundproof headphones while the others answer. 

Top three!

Miss Phillipines
Miss South Africa
Miss Venezuela

Top three coming up

The top three is coming up, all three hosts have picked Tamaryn among thgeir top three.

Tamaryn Green delivers a message of acceptance.

Tamaryn is asked about immigration laws and delivers a message of acceptance and shared humanity.

The question is coming!

The question is coming up. Contestants have thirty seconds to answer the question and it will determine who will progress to the top three.

Top Five!

The top five is:

Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Vietnam
Miss Phillipines
Miss South Africa 
Miss Venezuela