“You can feed a whole city from the seeds of one plant”

As lockdowns have forced many of us to spend much more time in our homes, gardens and on our allotment plots, evidence suggests that there are more hands in the soil now than there have been for years.

Reindeer viaducts: the latest wildlife bridges that connect fractured habitats

The ‘renoducts’ will help reindeer and their Sami herders move around the country. Similar projects are being ramped up globally 

Sami reindeer herder Tobias Jonsson faces a challenge that his ancestors never did: chaperoning his animals over Sweden’s busiest motorway. 🦌

How women in Cambodia’s floating villages are adapting to climate change

A project to empower women in Cambodia is helping vulnerable communities adapt to the climate crisis

It might sound idyllic to some, living by the gentle rhythm of the current. But for inhabitants of the floating villages of Pursat, Cambodia, life on the Tonlé Sap river can be tough. Employment opportunities that exist on dry land are often unavailable to water-dwelling locals, and one that is – fishing – is threatened by the climate crisis.