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Thank you so much for joining us for our live coverage of Bitcoin 2022. It's been a blast.

We'll leave you with our podcast recapping what happened on Friday.

Connor interviews Curve CEO Shachar Bialick, Bitcoin Magazine's managing director Christian Keroles... and Molly Jane Zuckerman reveals which country might be next to adopt BTC as legal tender.

And tickets are already on sale for Bitcoin 2023!
'I want to thank Satoshi Nakamoto for setting us all free'

David Bailey says this was the business time — and tomorrow is the party: the Sound of Money Festival.

"We need to show the world that Bitcoin is the best party in the world."

He says all of the stars on stage are Bitcoiners, and they're getting paid in BTC.

"Be here tomorrow, party your ass off." 

'Bitcoin is a rebirth'

Finishing off today's events, the CEO of BTC, Inc. claims there's nothing more important going in the world right now than Bitcoin.

"This is just the beginning. We are not done, we are all in, and we are going to keep going until every person on the planet, everywhere in the world, in every country, is free from the slavery of fiat."

There's a huge round of applause for the Bitcoin conference team — and rightly so  — it's been a great event.

What sets Bitcoin apart from crypto?

Elizabeth Stark says BTC is the most secure cryptocurrency and has the most users — along with the most hash power and liquidity.

'I want to make Bitcoinize a verb'

Elizabeth Stark gives a huge shoutout to the Bitcoin and Lightning community — and says it's important to give people access globally and bring financial freedom to the world.

"In a Bitcoinized world, I believe we'll have a scenario where people don't have to pay extremely high fees — or banks or credit card processors taking massive amounts. They don't have to deal with hyperinflation or authoritarian governments taking their money." 

Stark gives this analogy: 

"We're going to make this technology ubiquitous... what the internet did for accessing knowledge and information, Bitcoin and Lightning are doing for access to financial services." 

Well we've heard a lot about the Lightning Network today...

...and next, we've got a fireside chat with Elizabeth Stark, she's the CEO and founder of Lightning Labs.

The moderators are just 14 and 17 years old!

'A gauge on the dashboard'

Mike Novogratz says Bitcoin acts as an amazing gauge on the dashboard — "every central banker has to look at it," adding: 

"They know if they screw their monetary and fiscal policy up, there's this alternative."

He points to sovereign wealth funds and pension funds now buying BTC — and predicts adoption will accelerate if stewardship is terrible, and pause when things are better.

Novogratz mentions dollar and yuan-based stablecoins, and points to Do Kwon, who is backing the UST stablecoin with Bitcoin.

"It's pretty interesting. That might foreshadow what central banks do."

'There's a lot to celebrate'

Mike Novogratz reflects on the past 13 years — and says Bitcoin is now a sovereign state of 150 million people.

"They've taken their hard-earned wealth and put it into this digital gold."

He reveals his niece thinks that he's the president of Bitcoin... the crowd laughs.

"There's no CEO. You are Bitcoin, and we are Bitcoin." 

Here's today's crypto espresso!